The Public Information Office is charged with meeting the needs of the public, under the direction of the Superintendent.

KHSD Public Information Policy

The Kern High School District Board of Trustees recognizes that schools exist as an integral part of the community and cannot be separated from it. The Board further believes that schools will only be as strong or successful as informed staff, students and citizenry. In that light, the Board makes every effort to involve and inform the staff, students, and the community of the following goals:

  • To keep the public regularly, thoroughly and accurately informed concerning policies, programs, problems and planning.
  • To seek advice and counsel of the staff, students and citizens at all times.
  • To charge staff with developing communications/school-community relations programs that will be an integral part of the District’s activities and responsibilities.
  • To cooperate with all segments of the press, newspapers, radio and television, recognizing their right to facts and their responsibility to report and/or publish them in a timely manner.

 Public Information Staff

lisa_krch Lisa Krch
Public Information & Communications Manager
(661) 827-3172
(661) 396-2986 – fax
cindy_robinson Cindy Robinson
Public Information Assistant
(661) 827-3172
(661) 396-2986 – fax